A downloadable game for Windows

Move your character with the arrow keys.

Guide your duder through the throngs of Weed3 2016, paying extra attention to avoiding stoned celebrities. Three lives is all you get. Don't let the celebrities catch you standing still or it's instant game over!

Music credits:

All music was obtained from opengameart.org


A Journey Awaits! by lemon42

Keith by shalpin

Metallic Mistress by FoxSynergy

Recall of the Shadows by FoxSynergy

Srstrnc by PrettyLobster

Tactical Pursuit by matthew.pablo

tEcHNo gEeK by mrpoly

Trance Menu by rezoner at http://soundcloud.com/rezoner

Game made for the Giant ROM 3 Game Jam by Aristophocles (Amanda Bosson)

Install instructions

Just download the zip file, unzip, and run the executable!


Weed3 Rush.zip 33 MB

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